18th October 2019 Newsletter

Dear all

We have had an extremely busy but fun week celebrating Black History month. We had a visit from Isaac Igwe Team manager of Neurodevelopement for the NHS. We had two Gillingham football players talk to us about their culture and the obstacles they came across in their journey to professional football but best of all  has been the contribution from our parents—they have given up their time talking to us about their culture, their clothing and fabric and their food. The children have all sampled various foods cooked by our mums in the hall in front of them. The staff have quite enjoyed the experience as well!  We have had dads come in as well to talk to us about their jobs and chosen careers—they are excellent role models for our children

Today some of the children have come to school dressed in vibrant African and Caribbean prints and they look amazing. This afternoon we have the Mayor of Medway visiting us and then a fantastic party and celebration of music, dance and more traditional food to finish it all off

I am so grateful to everyone who helped with this week: the parents, the staff who supported their classes with arts and crafts, African dance from Miss Green. Gospel singing from Miss Thompson and the other Miss Green and most of all Mrs Collins who has worked tirelessly to make this week such a success for the children– a great way to round off a great term!!

Thank you to all parents and carers who attended our parent consultation days last week and at the beginning of this one. Some parents did miss their appointments but we will be chasing everyone up so that each child has the opportunity to share their work with their parents.

Its cold now so all children should come to school wearing coats and definitely jumpers  for the  colder season

Have a wonderful autumn break, school begins on Monday 28th October for term two.

Mrs Kathy Sexton


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