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St Michael's RC Primary School

St Michael's RC Primary School

‘I came so that you may have life, life in all its fullness’ – John 10.10

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Anti Bullying Champions

Anti Bullying Champions!

"Be A Buddy Not a Bully!"



Our Anti-Bullying Mission at St Michael's

Our school is a place where everyone feels safe and accepted and has a sense of belonging.  All staff, children and the local community will work in collaboration to prevent all forms of bullying. At St Michael's we “value the uniqueness of every person in our Catholic Christian Community, realising that every one of us is created in God’s likeness.”

We will not tolerate bullying of any kind by adult or children. We believe that:

  •  Our Christian faith teaches us that each person is made in the image of God and therefore bullying is unacceptable.
  •  Pupils develop best in a secure and safe environment.

Work together to help those children who experience bullying at school.


At St Michael's the children also agreed that our mission would include the following:

We stand up for each other

Everyone is treated fairly and equally

Be more inclusive not exclusive

Be kind and help others

Be mature and respect others

Be a good listener

To build good relationships with others around the school


Roles and Responsibilities

Our Anti Bullying champions will take their role very seriously and ensure that they:


Help spread the ethos of anti-bullying across the school and in the community.

Make sure they are aware of what bullying is and how we can tackle any issues of bullying in a fair way.


  • Ensure that all children understand what ‘bullying’ is
  • Ensuring that pupils know what to do if they are being bullied or know someone else who is e.g. go to teacher, Anti Bullying Champion.
  • Setting up Peer Mentoring, Anti bullying ambassadors or similar schemes
  • Ensure that Anti bullying week (or friendship week) is celebrated, that pupils are involved in planning activities
  • Promoting positive friendships and healthy relationships
  • Giving students a voice on bullying and prejudice issues e.g. via school council and Anti Bullying meetings
  • Bullying on social media – originating from outside the school – and how to respond to this

Meet our Anti Bullying Champions!

Year 1: Ephraim


Year 2: Patricia and Rose


Year 3: Diego and Khushi


Year 4: Ocean and Keiyara


Year 5: Orlaigh and Calli


Year 6: Shalom

Anti-Bullying Week 



We have been carrying out some work on anti-bullying this week and lots of children took part in “odd socks” day on Monday to show that we are all different and we should celebrate one another.


We have been focusing on the theme of 'Reach Out' and highlighting the importance of not staying quiet but speaking up if you are being bullied or you see bullying happen. We spoke about how as a school we have a very open atmosphere and the children know that they can approach any adult or peer in the school if they have worries and that these will be acted upon.


Each class has an anti bullying champion that any of their classmates can go to if they are worried about something or children can also use our worry boxes to post their concerns in.



Odd Socks Day