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St Michael's RC Primary School

St Michael's RC Primary School

‘I came so that you may have life, life in all its fullness’ – John 10.10

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Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders


Our digital leader in St Michael's have variety of different roles.

Our digital leaders take on the responsibilities to look after technology around the school. They also help to support members of our community with their technology too. 

Their responsibilities include:

  • To make sure iPads and laptops are put away neatly and pugged in so they are charged when needed. 
  • To make sure that iPads are cleared of photos of children periodically.
  • To take laptops and iPads to and from classrooms safely.
  • To check that the I-zone is kept clean and tidy and that people are respectful.
  • To tell their classes and other classes what is new with computing and technology.
  • To help adults and children with technology when needed.



Who are we?


Year 6 

In Year 6 our Digital Leaders are: 

Aamna, Faye, Euan and Vadims




Year 5 

In Year 5 our Digital Leaders are:

Weronika, Brandon, Bradley and Wiktor





Computing in St Michael's


We love Computing here at St Michael's. 

We take part in all sorts of different activities learning all about the three strands of computing :  Digital literacy, computer science and information technology. 

We take part in enthusiastic lessons and in competitions too! 



Robotics Workshop

As part of our STEM day activities children from KS1 and KS2 were lucky enough to take part in a robotics workshop where they were able to build and program a robot. 

There was great feedback from pupils and staff alike. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we learnt lots too!



It's competition time!

The time has come for a brand new computing competition. 

This term the whole school will be taking part in a new computing competition. 

Key Stage 2 will be taking part in a film competition using technology to create a film about our online behaviour and linking back to our Safer internet Day Theme of All Fun and Games.

Check out the video  and webpage to learn more about it! 


Key Stage 1 will produce a piece of artwork using the computer along the lines of graphic design with a theme of Exploring respect and relationships online. 


EYFS will create a mini role play of how we should behave when using technology? 


Keep an eye of this page to find out our winners in June when the digital leaders vote! 

We are also going to find out if we can win the national competition in KS2, the results for this will be in July. 


Year 4 have been making their film competition using the iPads to video, the computers for 2animate on Purple Mash and the iPads for Stop Motion too!



Year 3 have been busy with their creations for our film competitions. They have been using 2animate to create animations ready to submit. 




Year 4 were lucky enough to have a visitor in to do some Jam Coding! 

We had a fabulous time with our wonderful learning coach. 


Raspberry Pi

Years 5 and 6 have been exploring with Raspberry Pi. They have been setting up their own computers using Raspberry Pi and learning a new programming language. 




Computing Competitions: 

 Together with our Digital Leaders we came up with a fantastic computing competition.

In our computing competition KS2 were creating games using their knowledge of programming and coding. 

Year 2 created animations using 2animate on Purple Mash 

Year 1 and EYFS using their knowledge of technology to take pictures of nature. 


Our winners!


In Year 6 our winning class was St Paul


In Year 5 our winning class was St Bartholomew


In Year 4 our winning class was St James the Greater

In Year 3 our winning class was St Thomas

Year 2: 

In Year 2 our winning class was St Philip


Year 1 and EYFS: 

In Year 1 our winning class was St Simon 


In Reception our winning class was St Andrew