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St Michael's RC Primary School

St Michael's RC Primary School

‘I came so that you may have life, life in all its fullness’ – John 10.10

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Nursery (FS1)


We love to learn and explore in Nursery

Nursery Staff 

Miss Cook                    

Class Teacher 

I love being outdoors and really value our outdoor learning environment.  I enjoy making learning fun and learning through messy play! 


Mrs Stickings

Nursery nurse


Miss Molinari 

Teaching assistant 






All About Us...

At St Micheal's we promote a love of learning, in Nursery we love to explore using the inside and outside areas.


We engage in messy play, water play, construction, small world (animals, people), real life play (shops, doctors, vets), role play. creative play and investigative play. 


We use all of our senses to explore and learn, we encourage lots of talking and listening and provide activities that develop these skills.


We follow the interests of the children and strive to  provide an environment that is engaging, challenging and meaningful.

What your child needs in school:

A warm water proof coat- we access our outside area all day everyday

A pair of Welly boots

A change of clothes in their bag

Spare nappies and wipes if your child requires these


All clothes should be clearly labelled.


School Uniform


A St Michael's logo jumper, black tracksuit bottoms and a plain white polo top.  Trainers should be closed toed, water resistant and sensible for climbing, exploring and running.  


If your child is full time  (30hours) they will need a packed lunch which is labelled and nut free. 

Term 6 Overview

Termly Overviews 

Term 5 Overview

Term 4 Overview

Term 3 Overview

Term 1 Overview

Term 2 overview

Parent Workshops

EYFS Reading Workshop

Collective Worship 2023-2024 

We thought about the Queen and her family

We learnt how to reflect in our prayer area

St Michaels Day. We celebrated Our Saint!

We read the story Wonderful world and reflected on Gods great creation!

We Love God

Daniel and the Lions Den

Remembrance Day

Father Peter Came to visit


Preparing for Christmas

Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, he likes to share his day with us. 

Happy Birthday Jesus.


Happy birthday to you, 

Happy birthday to you, 

Happy birthday dear Jesus,

happy birthday to you. 

We sang happy birthday to Jesus. We promised to sing happy birthday to Jesus on Christmas Day. 

Catholic Teachings

Chinese New Year

Reflection Area

Gods World

Shrove Tuesday

Spring!!!! Thank you God!

St Davids Day 


We Celebrated St Davids Day 

St David helped to share Gods love. He is the patron saint of Wales. 

We made Daffodils to celebrate. 

God's Animals 


We looked after Gods world 

We found a caterpillar on the floor. 

We made a new home for him and promised God we would look after him.


Dear God 

Thank you for all the animals you made, 

We love them all.

Thank you for our caterpillar Rocket.

We promise to love and care for him. 


Collective Worship 2021-2022

God's Wonderful Creation

We have been learning about Gods wonderful creation.  We used lots of our toys to role play the beautiful things he created.

'God is so clever'

'God made the animals'

'God made the trees'

'God made the sun'


We learnt to say thank you to God. 

St Michael's Day

We celebrated St Michael's Day, we learnt about how brave St Michael was and how he looks after us now.

We said a prayer to St Michael and thanked him for letting us share his special day with us. We has an icecream, made special hats, enjoyed a bouncy castle and even watched a video about his special story.

We hope we can be as brave as he was. 

All Saints Day

We learnt all about All Saints Day.  We looked at pictures of Saints, we noticed they had halo's.  We wanted to be like the Saints so, made our own halo's. 

We even remembered that St Michael is our Saint and he was a brave man.  We looked at our school badge. 

We thought of ways to be like Gods special friends the Saints.

'We can be kind'

'We can be brave'

'We can be nice to our friends'

'We can listen'

'We can love God'

Remembrance Day 11.11.21

Remembrance Day 11.11.21

We remembered all of the families who were effected by the war.  We sent prayers and love to God during a two minute silence. 

Being Thankful

Noahs Arc

We thought about Good and bad choices.  We learnt how to make good choices.  We thought about how we can be like Noah, be kind, listen, love God, help people and look after Gods world. 

Advent week 1

We learnt about the first week of advent. We learnt that we light a candle on Sundays before Christmas to prepare for Jesus' birthday. In week one we thought about hope, we hope that every girl and boy around the world has a happy Christmas.

Advent Week 2


We learnt how the Kings visited with gifts. 
We made presents for our friend Jesus and wrapped them in a box.  We made pictures, models and junk models. Jesus will love them. 

Being Kind like Jesus

Shrove Tuesday

Being Thankful


We reminded ourselves about lent and the promises we made to God.  We used purple string to make brackets to remind us of our promises. 
We wrote a prayer…

Dear God

Please help me to be like Jesus, 

Help me to be kind, 

Help me to be thankful, 

Help me to forgive, 

I promise to try and be kind.




We are ThankFull

We have been learning about ways to talk to God, we have also been learning about people who help us in school.

We made a prayer for our teachers and helpers.


Dear God 

Thank you for our teachers,

Thank you for all of the people who help us, 

Please look after our teachers.



Talking to Jesus