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St Michael's RC Primary School

St Michael's RC Primary School

‘I came so that you may have life, life in all its fullness’ – John 10.10

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Forest School

Hello and welcome to the St Michael's Forest School page.

Here, you will be able to find information about our Forest School activities and club. Each term, children from two year groups will attend Forest School every week. A number of other children will also visit our Forest School in a nurturing capacity. The activities involved serve to enhance and support our creative, diverse and interesting curriculum for all children at St Michael's.


Term 1

This term the children from Y1 and Y2 will be enjoying visiting our 'Forest'.


The children from Y1 will be attending Forest School sessions every Monday. They will be learning to follow instructions and directions in an outside environment. Group 1 in Miss Leach's class will be starting their sessions as soon as they come into school at eight thirty

The children from Y2 will be attending Forest School sessions every Tuesday. They will also be following instructions and directions but will  also find out about and use some of the basic features of simple maps.


It is advisable for the children to bring a pair of wellington boots or other sturdy footwear for these sessions, however, we have a good supply of spare wellingtons should your child need to borrow some. A waterproof coat with hood is also a good idea.





Forest School Club will start next Monday, September 12th for KS2 children. The club will run from 3.30-4.15 

Don't forget a waterproof coat with hood!!!




These are children who have been chosen because of their understanding and appreciation of the ethos and principles of Forest School. They will be working together with our Eco Warriors throughout the year to look after and enhance our natural school environment. They will also be good role models to their peers and other school members when visiting our forest area for various learning activities and opportunities, demonstrating appropriate behaviour and expectations.


YR - Tommy and Zena     Y1- Caleb and Georgia   Y2- Ellie-Mae and Norah   Y3 - Tianna and Shifa


Y4 - Zayn and Shloka   Y5 - Perrine and Beau   Y6 - Alayna and Shalom 

What happened last year at St Michael's Forest School.


Breaking news!! We are excited to announce the arrival of a mud kitchen to our Forest School area! Many thanks to Mrs Rogazinska for making it during the school break. I am sure the children will enjoy using it!

The nursery children enjoyed collecting natural items safely to make pictures. They also remembered to wash their hands afterwards!

During the warm weather in Term 5, the children have enjoyed a variety of activities. From painting on wood and weaving Mandala patterns to team and group games and activities. Following our progression of skills, both Year 5 and Year R have enjoyed Scavenger Hunts!


YR used pictorial clues to find objects, collecting them in small bags.








Year 5 used written, cryptic clues to find objects during their Scavenger Hunt. It made them think and it sometimes helps to ask a friend!

Did you know that Friday, 22nd of April was Earth Day? To celebrate this, the children attending our Forest School Club made an Earth Day Birthday cake using mud, sticks, stones and leaves. They had a great time collecting all the resources then making and decorating the cake! They then found sticks and stones to bang together, making lots of noise as they sang 'Happy Birthday'! As our planet is more than 4.54 billion years old we decided not to use any candles!

During Lent the children enjoyed making some beautiful Easter gardens.