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St Michael's RC Primary School

St Michael's RC Primary School

‘I came so that you may have life, life in all its fullness’ – John 10.10

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Survey Results

Thank you so much for completing our parent questionnaire during last terms parent consultation days. This is the first time we have asked the Parent Forum to devise the questions so these are Parent questions for parents!

Below is a summary of the results and the school’s response to them:

  • 95% of parents felt that their child was happy at school
  • 97% report that their child feels safe at school
  • 97% report that their child enjoys school

In regard to communication:

  • 95% of respondents felt that they were kept well informed about their child’s progress
  • 86% felt that they were well communicated about occurrences involving their child during the day
  • 92% felt that they were well informed regarding dates and events in the school calendar.
  • 87% of respondents were satisfied with the current homework situation regarding “dip and Do”, spellings, reading etc

Regarding written responses and suggestions for making the school more enjoyable and also extra curricular activities, there was quite a lot of emphasis on sporting activities. It would seem that some parents would like more emphasis on sports especially after school- quite a few parents mentioned a desire for their child to be able to participate in gymnastics. This is something we can look at but it’s about having the expertise on the staff to be able to offer this activity as gymnastics has to be properly delivered with all risks assessed as it can be quite dangerous if not delivered by someone with considerable subject knowledge in the area.

Football was also mentioned. At the moment we have football for the older year groups with a view to selecting players for the school team. There is currently no football for the infants. This is something we could look into

Regarding after school clubs quite a few parents asked about delivering a modern languages club. This is something we can look at, perhaps offering languages such as Spanish as French is delivered as part of the curriculum in key stage 2

Communication although mainly positive asked for dates to be given more in advance such as tag days which is something we will improve upon. We don’t tend to record events in children’s journals or are we able to phone parents regarding events as we use Parentpay. 98% of parents are signed up to Parentpay but of course if parents don’t open their Parentpay  e mails then they will miss events or find out too late or with short notice. Some parents end up calling the school only to discover that we had already sent electronic communication which had been missed.

Some parents asked about a “learning platform” on the website for their child to be able to complete class work if they have been off school ill. Each year group does have a page on the website where work and news is posted. If a child is off we will provide work for the child to complete during their absence- this is best obtained by contacting the class teacher directly. Of course if a child is off school due to illness but is able to complete school work, we would expect the child to be in school unless they are suffering from an illness that could be infectious.

There would appear to be some confusion or breakdown in communication regarding when the last week of clubs is or whether children have been given a place on a club so we will tighten up on these systems.

Although the homework question was mainly positively answered there is still work to be done to satisfy everyone. Some parents think there is too much homework, some not enough!

I think there are some parents who are not aware of the “Dip and Dos” which are on the class pages of the website and is optional homework based on a project etc focussed around some aspect of the child’s class work. This is on top of reading, spelling and tables which are not optional but are a must. Some parents would like other maths homework rather than just tables, they would like some sheets with maths activities so that they can see what their child is learning and “practise” them with their child. Our next “Come and see … sessions” will be on maths when each teacher will explain the methods we use in class and you can try them out alongside your child. Some parents would like their child to receive more recognition for the homework they complete. We do display the homework on “Dip and Do” boards in each classroom but of course if parents aren’t in school every day they won’t know this so we will have to think of another way to recognise good homework completed. These are all really valid comments and as a result of responses homework will be discussed in greater detail at our next staff meetings in this new term.

Again thanks again for your responses. Please remember you can always pop into school to speak to myself or any senior member of staff if you have a concern. We have termly Parent Forums when we would love you to come along and give more suggestions or input. The next meeting will be on Thursday 27th June at 2:45pm now with room set aside for you to park your car in the playground to make it more convenient to come along in the afternoon rather than first thing in the morning when parking can be at a premium.

Shortly you will be asked to make suggestions for our new School Improvement Plan (SIP) for the 2019/20 year. You can see our current SIP on the school website.

Thank you

Mrs K Sexton