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St Michael's RC Primary School

St Michael's RC Primary School

‘I came so that you may have life, life in all its fullness’ – John 10.10

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Mini Vinnies

Meet the Mini Vinnies

Our Mission


As a member of Mini Vinnies, I promise to make a difference in my world by:


  • Caring for, respecting and loving myself.
  • Strengthening my friendship with Jesus by praying each day and talking to others about him.
  • Caring for others in my school and social community by befriending those who are alone, needy or in trouble.
  • Contributing to the happiness of my family by my willing help, respect, consideration, joy and kindness.
  • Caring for, appreciating, enjoying and maturing God’s creation, the environment.
  • Treating others the way I would like them to treat me.

Our Responsibilities


As Mini Vinnie's it is our role to lend a helping hand to those in need. Our goal is to help as many people in our local community as possible. 


It is our responsibility to give alms by;

  • Organizing and running of fundraising events,
  • Working alongside the Prayer Leaders to help our community grow their faith by sharing our love of God,
  • Donate our time to better our school areas such as litter picking outside the school gates,
  • Working alongside the Eco-Warriors to keep our school as sustainable as possible, bettering children's understanding of how to keep our community safe and sustainable for all,

Mini Vinnie Prayers


Lord, thank you for our gifts and talents.
Lord, show us who needs our help.
Lord, use our hands to help those who are hungry.
Lord, open our hearts to love and
comfort those who are sad and lonely.
Lord, let us share our time, gifts
and talents with those in need.
Lord, help us to care for the sick.
Lord, may we all help and support each
other as Mini Vinnies to build a better world.






Lord, open our eyes that we may see the deepest needs of your people.

Move our hands that we may feed the hungry.

Touch our hearts that they may bring warmth to those who are sad.

Let us share our time and possessions with those in need.

Give us the care that strengthens the sick.

May we all be a source of support and encouragement for each other as we strive to build a more loving society.


Events Timetable

House Charities


Each house at St Michael's has chosen a charity that they wish to help by fundraising and donate what we can. These charities will receive the donations from the events the Mini Vinnies lead. Please do take a look at the websites for these charities if you're looking for any way to help our local communities.

St Therese of lisieux

St Lucy

St Joan of Arc

St Bernadette 

Mini Minutes


September 20th 2023

  1. Mini Vinnies introduction- Meet your new Mini Vinnie team. 
  2. Discussed plans from last year- do we wish to change anything?  St Bernadette- Change from food collections to Tag Day. St Therese- Change from sponsored read to sponsored skip
  3. Houses discussed planned events for this years events.
  4. House captains introduced to house teams.
  5. Roles and responsibilities discussed. Working alongside Prayer Leaders for Harvest Festival, Each house captain is responsible for ensuring their Mini Vinnies are collecting their classes donations for Harvest Festival, Mini Vinnies will be organizing and running events planned.
  6. Photos taken for Mini Vinnie Website

Ending with our Mini Vinnie Prayer.