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St Michael's RC Primary School

St Michael's RC Primary School

‘I came so that you may have life, life in all its fullness’ – John 10.10

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Prayer Leaders

"Working together we can achieve more''

Hebrews 10:24

''And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and do good works.''


Every catholic school needs a prayer leader, as it believes that working together to follow Jesus' examples can produce amazing results. Too often we get busy and neglect prayer - conversation with the Lord but how can we keep prayer active throughout our lives?


What does a class prayer leader do?



  • PRAY. Pray for the needs of members and prospects regularly.
  • SHARE. Seek, collect and share praises, prayer requests, assigning them as needed.
  • ESTABLISH PRACTICE. Establish, plan and communicate consistently and focus on special times of class and individual prayer.
  • WORSHIP. Work alongside with the teacher and class members to strengthen the spiritual ethos.
  • PRAY FOR CHURCH. Pray for the needs of the class, church and world impact as a whole.
  • TRAINING. Communicate and provide periodic training related to prayer and personal worship.


PRAYER LEADERS at St. Michael's are:

  • role model for others
  • serve the school and the community by preparing termly themes 
  • support the school community in organising whole school events
  • work together as a team to carry out tasks to the best ability possible 

Hi everyone!

We are St. Michael's Prayer Leaders!

Child's voice:

‘’Being a great disciple of God as we are all created in God's image so we should love others the same as God loves us.’’- Eden

‘’We are made for the community to serve and support each other.’’- Oscar

‘’ We act and make choices how Jesus would do because we are His children.’’- Maya
‘’ We are called to do the ‘greatest work of Jesus’ ’’- Maryam
‘’ We are learning to help others and make a difference in the world around them.’’- Godslove

Our Meeting Minutes:

New Academic Year 2023-2024


Christmas Gift Apeal

Catholic Children's Socity Collection  


Getting ready for Advent

The Spirit's Trail: Prayer Leaders Guiding the Learning Walk

Thank you so much for our school Prayer Leaders for conducting the Learning Walk.

Spreading Joy and Giving

This year, in the spirit of giving and almsgiving, we would like to extend our support to a worthy charity, "The Catholic Children's Society," who are dedicated to helping children across the country and who have helped families at St Michael’s in recent years. Thank you Prayer Leaders for displaying the posters around the school environment.

St. Michael Angel Statue 

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for Mrs. Rogozinska for the exquisite St. Michael Angel that she has created for our school display. Her talent has left a lasting impression, adding beauty and inspiration to our environment. 

Getting ready for Harvest!

Harvest time at school is always a special occasion and getting children involved adds to the festive spirit. The Prayer Leaders eagerly joined preparing our school environment for this special time of the year. With laughter and excitement, the pupils decorated the main altars while enjoying the delicious rewards of their efforts.

Prayer Leaders first assembly

Today, our Prayer Leaders stood up at the assembly and told us all about their mission and what they're going to do this term. We can't wait to see other different events planned by our children. 

Our spiritual journey grows and grows

Excitement filled the air as Prayer Leaders eagerly welcomed Fr Baker, who came to guide us on our spiritual journey. With bright smiles and open hearts, we extended warm greetings, eager to learn and grow in our faith under his guidance. We are always so grateful to see Fr Baker every week on Mondays. 

Passing the torch of excellence

Sharing good practices with friends is an act of generosity that enriches both the giver and the receiver. It strengthens the bonds of friendship, encourages personal growth and creates a nurturing environment where we can all flourish together. Eden, our Prayer Leader from Year 6, shared along with others her enthusiasm when preparing the class Prayer & Liturgy session. We are all very thankful to her for teaching and helping us in our journey with Christ.

Welcome back!

Today, we welcomed our Prayer Leaders in our new academic year and reflected on our school mission. Also, we've prepared for each class, the Prayer and Liturgy book and decorated our class candles. We feel ready to start our new journey together.



Showing Care and Concern for our Community 


Jeans for Genes day

The Jeans for Genes campaign raises awareness of the daily challenges faced by those living with a genetic disorder and raises money to fund projects that make a tangible difference to the lives of those affected.


Thank you for swapping your school trousers or skirt for JEANS. Your generous donation will be used to help improve the lives of children with life-altering genetic disorders.

Altogether we raised an outstanding £324.73!


Macmillan cake sale


MacMillan is a charity that is designed to help and support those whose lives are impacted by cancer, either by having the illness themselves or the friends, family or relatives of those who have cancer. The money that MacMillan raise through their fundraising events is spent on a number of things, such as improving health care services for those suffering from cancer, to campaign and raise awareness of MacMillan’s cancer support and to offer therapeutic services before, during, and after cancer treatment has taken place.


We would like to thank our school community for all of their hard work in making such delicious cakes and raising money for this vital charity.

Altogether we raised an incredible £816.55!

Praying Baskets

The prayer leaders reflecting upon scripture using the praying baskets to help them with their set up for the reflection table.


Beginning of Year Mass- St.George's Cathedral in London

We responded to the words of Archbishop John Wilson by gathering together to celebrate the Beginning of Year Mass. We enjoyed every moment!

Food Bank Donation for Harvest festival

A special thanks to Central Wholesale Produce for their very generous donation.

This morning St. Michael's received a very special delivery. Our Prayer Leaders were able to accept a very generous donation of fresh produce, which we will donate to Caring Hands.


Caring Hands Collection 

We are extremely grateful to able to support the Caring Hands charity and accomplish in the way how Jesus told us ''give and it will be given to you''- Luke 6:38


In an event hosted by the Education Commission, our Prayer Leaders team, took a trip to Aylesford for a Chaplaincy day. We had a great productive day with lots of interesting experiences.

 Acorn House visit- 18th  November 2022

During the Inter Faith Week we thought on why we need each other in our community and why it is so important. We visited the Acorn House to share our school mission with the residence. We all had a very memorable time which will stay in our memories. 

Charity support 



Children in Need (Charity work)



Children in Need is the official charity of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). It raises money for disadvantaged children and young people in the UK. The end goal for Children in Need is to make sure that every child has a safe, happy and secure childhood.


Thank you all for your wonderful donations for Children in Need. So far St. Michael's has raised £410.39!

Preparing for Advent

As a whole school community we have created our class Advent Promises to help us to be ready for the birth of Jesus. We also decorated the school Christmas tree to remind all of us about that special time of year.  




We have recieved the 'Chaplaincy Award' from St. John Fisher school Chaplaincy Lead for our participation in Mass in London. 

Creating Lent displays

We supported our RE Lead with our creativity when making Lent alters in our school. 

Fr Baker visit

As part of our spirtiual time with God we are extremely pleased to have Fr Baker every Monday morning in our school to support us and help us to answer some challenging questions.

Collective Worship planning

Every Tuesday at 1 o'clock we meet together in order to prepare for our class Collective Worship session. We always share ideas and support each other to plan the reflection lesson for the next day. 

One Mind, One Heart

 We came together and celebrated our unique time with God at Aylesford Priory.

Learning walks around our school community.

The Prayer Leaders led us in a special activity called the "Station of the Cross."

They guided us through different moments in the story of Jesus and helped us think about His journey. It was like a special time of reflection and understanding. We followed along as they talked about each station, and they helped us feel connected to Jesus' experiences. They had pictures to show us too, which made it easier to imagine everything. Thanks to our prayer leaders, we had a really meaningful time together, and we learned a lot about Jesus' love and sacrifice. Looking forward to more moments like this!