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St Michael's RC Primary School

St Michael's RC Primary School

‘I came so that you may have life, life in all its fullness’ – John 10.10

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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 

St James the GreaterSt Matthias                       
Miss Smart, Miss Medhurst and Miss Eldridge Miss Green and Miss Betts                 


Summer learning activities 

Task 1: Write a diary entry, each week, about your summer holidays. Remember to include all features of a diary entry and your year 4 writing features.

  • Fronted adverbials
  • Figurative language
  • Pronouns

Task 2: Cook or bake something with your adult at home. Remember to weigh the ingredients correctly and share it equally so that everybody gets the same amount. 

Task 3: Can you make rock candy? Check on their jars each day to see if the rock crystals have grown. Use the link to see how to do it!

Task 4: What would your ideal summer be? Trips to the beach? a theme park? Being with friends and family? Draw some sunglasses on a piece of paper and draw the scene of what you would like to see through them. 

Task 5: God loves all people and wants all people to love God, others, and themselves. As a family, discuss ways to keep Jesus at the center of your life. Examples may include taking time for individual or family prayer, or using the words and ways that Jesus taught us. You may also name ways that they can act like Jesus or share stories about Jesus’ life and teachings with others. If you wish you could provide situational examples for the children to reflect and comment on as examples or to encourage discussion. After time for conversation, work together on the activity sheet. Using a sheet of yellow or brown construction paper, a half sheet of green construction paper and a craft stick, glue the activity sheet to the yellow or brown construction paper, color the flowers, and then cut it out. Help children glue or tape the flower to craft sticks and make construction paper leaves. Display the flower in a prominent place at home. Every time you see the flower, remember that Jesus is the center of your lives.

Task 6: Be active! take lots of photos of your water fights, create an obstacle workout and time each person to create a score board. 

Remember to log onto your jotter page and complete the summer reading challenge! Keep your certificate to bring back to school with you and there will be a party for your hard work.


Enjoy your summer :)

Miss Green and Miss Smart


At St Michael's we say three prayers a day. This is so that we can keep our relationship with God close. 



We recommend that the children read every day for at least 20 minutes. Some days it would be nice for your child to read to you so that you can ask them questions about the book to test their understanding. It is also a nice time to spend together. Each child will be given a leveled book to bring home and once their book is finished they can bring it back to school to be changed after completing a quiz. Their level will be reviewed termly by the children taking a quiz based on key reading skills. 


Your child will receive their spellings on a Monday. They will then have until Friday to practise these before their test. Please make sure that your child also understands the meaning of the words they are learning. 



In Year 4, we love to work on our Maths skills. At home, we ask children to practice their weekly times tables focus where each week on a Friday we will complete a small quiz against the clock. Their expected at the end of the year to know their times tables from 1 - 12. To support this we encourage children to work on practising times tables out of sequence to help build on their times tables knowledge. The children all have access to an interactive times tables programme called Times Tables Rock Stars ( the children can develop their avatars in a fun way with Maths.  


Our PE day is now on a Wednesday afternoon for the rest of this term.

PE kit is made up of trainers/plimsolls, t-shirt and shorts with the school logo and a pair of jogging bottoms for when we experience colder weather.

Please could you ensure your children has a water bottle with their names on to keep themselves hydrated. Their P.E kits will stay in school until the last week of term when it will be sent home to be washed. If you would like your child to bring their kit home weekly, please make sure that they then bring it back into school for their next lesson.

Dip and Do- Optional home activities.

On the Jotter page you will find a tab that is named Dip and Do activities. These activities are based on the school learning that term. There are 6 optional homework tasks that your child can complete alongside practising their spellings and timetables and reading their book. Please get your child to bring any completed tasks into school as they will receive house points for their extra work. 

Collective Worship

As a Catholic School, we attach the greatest importance to Collective Worship in the life of our school. We give our children opportunities to grow in faith, love and compassion to Jesus by reflecting the true meanings of Jesus' words.


This term our Collective Worship will be based around the theme of  caring for others and love to God. We will be celebrating the Kingdom of God and reflecting on some special stories of Jesus.

Theme: Changes water into wine at Cana John 2: 1-11

We reflected on the ways that Jesus took ordinary moments and turned them into extraordinary miracles. As a year group we discussed what a wedding was and how we celebrate them. We then compared this with the scripture of the wedding at Cana.

Our thought for reflection was: 

Water was turned into wine
By Jesus, a most special man.
I want to change over time
To be the very best I can.

We ended the assembly by singing 'All things bright and beautiful'to remember all the amazing miracles Jesus performed.

The Second coming- Today, we learnt that when Jesus Christ lived on the earth he had friends who loved him very much. These friends followed him and listened to his teachings. Because they did what he taught them to do, they were called his disciples. We know that Jesus loved his disciples. He helped them learn what they needed to do to live with him and Heavenly Father again. He helped them understand the difference between right and wrong so they could choose the right. Today, we learnt that when Jesus comes again he will live among the people on earth. Everyone will know that he is Jesus Christ, our Saviour, and will worship him. We discussed how wonderful it will be on earth when Jesus comes again. People will be able to see Jesus, to walk and talk with him, and to have him put his loving arms around them. Point out that after Jesus comes, everyone will be friends. There will be no evil people. We will not need to lock our doors because everything and everybody will be safe. There will be no disease to cause us sickness or pain, and all the animals will be friends with us and with each other. We ended with a prayer and a song.

Lent assembly Term 4- How can we show kindness to others especially during Lent? We looked at the different ways that we can reflect on our behaviours during Lent. During this time we give up something to show Jesus how good we are as his followers.

Jotter Learning Platform

At St Michael’s we subscribe to Jotter; the learning platform designed with primary schools in mind. Children are growing up in a fast-changing online world and we strive to ensure that they gain the essential skills both within and beyond school. Teachers will keep you up-to-date with your child’s learning. Your child will be able to download and upload work and complete tasks. There will be pages where much of what you see has been created by the children themselves. This is their chance to shine as they write content and collaborate on research.


Jotter gives children the opportunity to explore concepts such as wikis and blogs in a safe environment. We hope you enjoy using Jotter as much as we do. To log in please type in your child’s username and password. To obtain this information please speak to your class teacher.