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St Michael's RC Primary School

St Michael's RC Primary School

‘I came so that you may have life, life in all its fullness’ – John 10.10

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Young Language Ambassadors (YLA)

St. Michaels Primary School has Language Ambassadors who promote the school’s diversity, ethos and foreign language learning.

We are a group of bilingual and multilingual children representing different cultures and languages. Our primary roles are ensuring all new children and families feel welcome and know they belong to a family of God. In addition, we promote British Values and the English language and welcome children new to our school. 

Using our language skills, we create a safe environment for the newly arrived children who can learn English faster, supported by all of us.


We underwent a selection process within our classes, and we now act as role models promoting the importance of language learning.


At lunchtime, we can be found engaging in activities involving the newly arrived children, helping them settle in and feel safe in their new school. We play various games in their home language, allowing them to break from learning English as an additional language.


The Language Ambassadors act as language promoters during the lessons and special themed weeks, register taking, showing new parents around and leading assemblies for the whole school.


We play an essential role in organising Language Days in our school and closely work with staff to promote the importance of learning a foreign language in primary schools.


We enjoy our roles as Language Ambassadors because we are proud of our cultural heritage and the languages we speak. This also allows us to help other children achieve their full potential and learn English in a safe school environment.

Together we are:

Year 1: Sophia who speaks Russian and Victor who speaks Hungarian


Year 2: Cindy who speaks Mandarin/ Putonghua and Georgie who speaks Irish


Year 3: Gloria who speaks Italian and Kristian who speaks Russian


Year 4: Raphael who speaks Yoruba 


Year 5: Tomas who speaks Portuguese, Lois who speaks Twi, Shloka who speaks Gujarati, Noja who speaks German and Lithuanian and Lorraine who speaks French and Spanish


Year 6: Maja and Leon who speaks Polish, George who speaks Spanish, Seth who speaks Shona and Salvia who speaks Punjabi