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St Michael's RC Primary School

St Michael's RC Primary School

‘I came so that you may have life, life in all its fullness’ – John 10.10

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Year 1

Meet your new teacher and teaching assistant(s) for September 2022


St. James the LesserSt. Simon
Class Teacher - Miss LeachClass Teacher - Mrs Sliney
TA - Miss MedhurstTA - Mrs Thompson
 TA - Mrs Basha


Dates for your Diary:


Term 1 

Tuesday 6th September 2022- Children return to school

Tuesday 13th September 2022- Roald Dahl day

Monday 26th September 2022- European day of Languages

Thursday 29th September 2022- St. Michael's day 

Friday 30th September 2022- MacMillan Coffee Cake Sale

Wednesday 5th October 2022- Year 1&2 Parent Reading Workshop

Friday 7th October - World Smile Day

Monday 10th October - Mental Health Awareness day - wear your feelings

Wednesday 12th October 2022 - St. Simon's class assembly

Thursday 13th October 2022 -  Coffee morning for SEND discussing ASD

Wednesday 19th October - School Trip to the Zoo

Thursday 20th October 2022- Year 1 Parent Consultation

Friday 21st October 2022 - Last day of term


General information:


PE: Tuesday 

This term, PE will be on Tuesday - Please ensure your child comes into school wearing their PE kits, with all items being CLEARLY NAMED. Also, please remove any earrings and ensure long hair is tied back. 




Please read with your child for a minimum of 10 minutes every day and sign/comment in your child's learning journal. Your child should bring their Learning Journal to school everyday, your child's journal will be checked and stamped daily, reading is reward! This is a time for your child to read and show off their reading skills to you.


Reading Quizzes:

Each Monday and Thursday your child will receive a new reading book. Please listen to your child read and ask them questions about what they have read to enhance their understanding of the text. In school we check the children's comprehension through a quiz using the program Accelerated Reader. You will see a score in your child's journal to show how they did with this. If your child needs further practise to pass the quiz, we may ask for you to continue reading the same book for a little longer.


Books will be changed on a Monday and a Friday



We will be sending new spellings home every week (these will be recorded in your child's Learning Journal). Please help your child practise their spellings throughout the week to ensure they are ready for their spellings quiz on a Friday. If your child misspells a word from the spelling list in the Friday test, this will be highlighted in your child's journal for you to keep practising at home.



Jotter Learning Platform


At St Michael’s we subscribe to Jotter; the learning platform designed with primary schools in mind. Children are growing up in a fast-changing online world and we strive to ensure that they gain the essential skills both within and beyond school. Your child will be able to download and upload work and complete tasks. There will be pages where much of what you see has been created by the children themselves. This is their chance to shine as they write content and collaborate on research.


We hope you enjoy using Jotter as much as we do. To log in please type in your child’s username and password. To obtain this information please speak to your class teacher.


If you would like to contact your class teacher:

Please write a comment in your child's learning journal. These are checked daily and any non-urgent messages will be replied to.


If your message is urgent then please do contact the school office to arrange a return phone call or an appointment.



Term 1 Overview

Collective Worship Term 1

 Collective worship is important for us all in St Simon and St James the Lesser class. We as members of the school together join in a weekly collective worship to promote the shared values of the school.


Week 1






Week 2


Matthew 7:24-27 


This week during collective worship, St James the lesser and St Simon talked about what Jesus meant by 'building your life on the rock? 

We began to realise that 'rock' is strong and if we follow the school values we will build a strong school community. We then all sang 'Roll over the Ocean, Roll over the Sea' to sing about our community and added actions to express our strength.




Collective Worship Term 1

As a Catholic School, we attach the greatest importance to Collective Worship in the life of our school. We give our children opportunities to grow in faith, love and compassion to Jesus by reflecting the true meanings of Jesus' words.


This term our Collective Worship will be based on knowing the God who helps us to be wise. We will be covering a variety of topics including: thank you prayers, wise words, harvest gifts and people who keep us safe.


We will also be celebrating the Harvest festival and Saint Michael's Day. 


Wednesday 6th October 2021- St Simon's Class Assembly 



St Simon presented an amazing class assembly to their parents/ carers and peers in KS1.

The theme of our class assembly was The Creation Story. We used our children's bible and references to Genesis scripture in our RE lessons to understand the importance of how we and everything around us was made and the order in which God created the Earth.

Children used props they had made during lessons and done extremely well in their first ever assembly!


Collective Worship Term 2


Wednesday 10th November - St James the Lesser Class Assembly



We presented an assembly themed around Noah's Ark to KS1, reception and our parents/carers. We learned the story from Genesis, focusing on the importance of listening to God, and retold it whilst doing a small role-play about the animals going in to the ark in interesting ways. St James the Lesser worked really hard and learned 2 songs: the animals went in 2 by 2 and another about God helping us to make right choices.



















In year 1 we celebrated All Saints day by learning all about our class Saint and why they are so special. We  made stain glass windows to represent our Saint's and wrote a prayer to them as well.




We learnt all about Diwali 'the festival of lights' and why it is celebrated. To join in with fun celebrations we did lots of arts and crafts including: firework printing, painted rangoli patterns with water colours and made 3D elephants! We also learnt about the story of Rama and Sita and understood how light links in with Diwali.



Anti Bullying Week

This week in collective worship we looked at how we can say 'one kind word' to each other and prevent bullying. We wore odd socks and decorated our own during our provision time in class which was lots of fun!


Friday 19th November- Children in Need

Year 1 absolutely loved dressing up in spots or as superheros for Children in Need. We had lots of fun in class decorating Pudsey faces and spoke about the importance of children in need.





In year 1 this week, we have been learning what Advent means in the Roman Catholic Church and different ways in which we prepare for it. We have discussed that the word 'advent' means 'coming' and so this is a time of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus. We have understood the meaning behind the four candles on the Advent wreath and how they symbolise hope, love, joy and peace. In our classes we all decorated a Holly leaf each to go onto our wreath and we used our candle to reflect on the importance of getting ready for Jesus' return throughout December. 



Collective Worship Term 3


God-Given Identities


This week we looked at our unique and special identities. We discussed how the Year 1 children are very sporty, creative, funny, beautiful and kind! We are lucky that God has made us all so unique. We talked about one of our teaching assistants Mrs Thompson and wrote about her identity. The children decided that they were very lucky to have her in the class.





'I am the bread of life'.

John 6: 32- 35


We have been thinking about what Jesus means when he described himself as the bread of life. We understand that Jesus will satisfy us forever and will bring us peace, forgiveness and a purpose to our life.  We shared bread as a class and made a class prayer thanking God for the food we have and his protection.



We celebrated Shrove Tuesday by sharing pancakes. The children enjoyed tasting the pancakes and made some lenten promises.



Collective Worship Term 4


Our Treasure - Matthew 6:21


We talked about our treasures and what we find special. The children collected some of the things from around the classroom that they would put in a treasure chest. 




Easter Gardens


At forest school the children made Easter gardens. They decorated them so beautifully using natural materials and they said a prayer to God standing next to them.





















St Patrick's Day


We learned all about St Patrick and how he brought religion to Ireland. We learned that he had a very tricky life but that he stayed faithful and still believed in God although he was tested. We made rainbows to celebrate.













Parable of the Hidden Treasure - Matthew 13:44


We talked about the difference between what God finds important and what human's find important. The children decided that maybe people should care less about money, cars and material things and more about what is actually important.



This week we talked about making good choices. The children decided that good choices included brushing your teeth, helping your friends and working hard. Bad choices include lying, being mean and not tidying your room. We sang a song all about God helping us to make the right choice!



Collective Worship Term 5




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