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St Michael's RC Primary School

St Michael's RC Primary School

‘I came so that you may have life, life in all its fullness’ – John 10.10

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Our Vision

Mission Statement

St Michael’s Catholic Primary School and Nursery is a Catholic family of faith following the teachings of Christ. We strive to create an environment where all members of our school community respect the values of: Church, Independence, Resilience, Caring, Learning and Enjoyment for all. Belief in these values will nurture all as individuals and instil in them the confidence to meet their full potential, providing them with the best grounding for their future place in an ever changing world.



  • We aim for our children to be provided with a rich, broad and balanced curriculum allowing each learner to develop holistically in a safe and caring community striving to meet their needs. To have memorable experiences of their learning journey inside and outside of the classroom. To foster an enjoyment of their learning with the freedom to explore and achieve their sense of “Self”


  • We aim for our teaching and support staff to strive for excellence by establishing strong positive relationships within a learning community, where nothing but the “best” will do. To share good practice, expertise and have a willingness to self improve so that our children are provided with the best education for all. To be passionate about each child’s individual needs and nurture their curiosity and development.


  • We aim for our parents to feel welcomed and supported as co-partners in the learning and progress of their children. To respond to communication sent and to participate in a journey of two way partnership, taking responsibility alongside the school for the wellbeing of their children. To have a positive relationship with the school as integral members of our community, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust between parent/carer and school staff.


  • We aim for our governors to have a presence in the school community so that they are known and available to all. To have a moral purpose and drive to participate in Continual Professional Development which is impactful and enables them to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to challenge and support the school. To provide drive and purpose to support the Head Teacher and staff to achieve the best possible outcomes for all children and adults, whether they be parents or members of staff.


St Michael’s Catholic Primary School and Nursery prides itself in being an “open hearted” community that loves and supports one another as individuals created by Christ; working collaboratively with parents, staff and governors to provide an inclusive learning environment for all of our children.

Computing Vision

The school advocates secure and sustainable use of technology, with first-class systems for teaching and learning, communication and administration. Through the use of this technology we promote innovative learning by digitally confident students, inspired by skilled and creative teaching.