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St Michael's RC Primary School

St Michael's RC Primary School

‘I came so that you may have life, life in all its fullness’ – John 10.10

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Year 5


St Augustine: Miss Harding

St Bartholomew: Mrs Fenton




Teaching assistants:

St Augustine: Miss Pitts (Mon-Wed) and Mrs Jones (Thurs-Fri)

St Bartholomew: Mr Smallwood


Summer Learning: 

It is really important that you keep your skills sharp during the summer holidays ready for your learning during year 6. You will find some fun tasks below that you can complete and hand into your Year 6 teacher in September.



Task 1: If you go shopping can you add up the items you have purchased. What would the new price be of each item be if each item was reduced by 10%?


Task 2: Now it is summer and we're outside lots, design your dream garden and find the area of it. 


Task 3: Find a simple recipe online, you might want to bake a big cake or some cupcakes. Weigh out all your items accurately. Can you scale down the items by half and one quarter. How much of each ingredient will you have now?



Task 1: You will be starting your new classes in September, can you write an informal letter to your new teacher to tell them:

- All about yourself (your family etc.)

- What you did over the summer holidays.

- What you're most looking forward to in Year 6. 


Task 2: Create a newspaper report, write all about your favourite day, remember the features you need to include!


Task 3: Write a short narrative using your imagination, you might want to write a:

- Adventure narrative

- Mystery Narrative

- A narrative based on a real event

Remember you must have a beginning, middle and end and use lots of description to create an atmosphere.



Remember to take part in the summer reading challenge. It is really important to keep reading over the holidays! You will receive a certificate and a party on your return to school! Don't forget to read books appropriate to your age and you can also visit the library to do this.


General Information:

 Our P.E. day this term will alternate between Wednesdays and Fridays. Please remember to bring your P.E kits in every Monday ready for when we do P.E and giving them time to quarantine before our P.E session. You may wish to bring your kits home on a Friday to be washed or alternatively they can stay in school until the end of term.


 Remember to read your book every night for at least 20 minutes and remember to get your learning journal signed. You will receive two housepoints for every time you read and an extra 5 if you read everyday throughout the week!


 Spellings will be given every Friday, you will need to practice them daily ready for your spelling test the following Friday. 


 There will be dip and dos posted on the year 5 jotter page at the beginning of each term. This is optional learning but housepoints will be awarded if you complete this extra learning!


 If you have any queries please contact the school office via phone or email. A phone call or meeting can be arranged if necessary. 



Collective Worship

As a Catholic School, we attach the greatest importance to Collective Worship in the life of our school. We give our children opportunities to grow in faith, love and compassion to Jesus by reflecting the true meanings of Jesus' words.


This term our Collective Worship will be based around the theme of forgiveness, caring for others and love to God. We will be celebrating the FEAST of the ASCENSION of JESUS CHRIST and reflecting the true meaning of this special time. 


May is a very special month in the Catholic calendar as it marks the MONTH OF MARY. During this time, we will be thinking about Mary and reflecting on how she is the Mother of Jesus and Mother to us all. We will be using the class rosery to pray to Mary and writing our own prayers to Her.  

In collective worship we looked at 'The call to love others'.

As a class we listened to and sang the song 'Let their be love shared among us' and read the scripture John 5:1-6. We discussed who we feel loved by and how we show love to others, when role played scenarios when we can show our love. 

Collective Worship Assemblies

Anointing of Jesus; criticism by Judas

John 12:1-8

In our Collective Worship assembly, we reflected on the story of the anointment of Jesus. We explored the timing of it (before the last supper) and why it was done. We discussed the reasons why Jesus' feet were washed and why it was ok to use such expensive perfume in doing this. We thought about how everyone wanted to show Jesus that they were not worthy of Him and how we show this today. 


We finished off by saying a prayer together and listening to a hymn. 

Jotter Learning Platform

To access the jotter learn platform to see your dip and do learning this this term follow the link below.