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St Michael's RC Primary School

St Michael's RC Primary School

‘I came so that you may have life, life in all its fullness’ – John 10.10

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Black History Month Celebrations

St. Michael's have had a fabulous month celebrating Black History. During Black History Month, children learnt about black figures and icons in our society, both well known and not so well known, especially from our local area. Each year group was given a culture to study. The children learnt some of the language and traditions associated with the culture. 

Nursery: Ewe

Reception: Ndebele

Year 1: Shona

Year 2: Igbo

Year 3: Mende 

Year 4: Ga

Year 5: Yoruba

Year 6: Akan

Staff members and Parents were invited to share their culture and traditions. We experienced wonderful dancing, tried delicious foods and learnt Caribbean folk and friendship songs.

In assembly, we celebrated our new learning as a school and shared all the work we have done for BHM. Additionally, we set up a display in the hall which each class had a chance to visit. 

Please find below some examples of our Black History Month Celebration

In Nursery we have read lots of different books, our favourite was 'We all went on Safari'. We learnt how to count in Swahili, we made necklaces like the children have in Tanzania and we looked at colourful African clothing and made our own. We also celebrated similarities and differences we share. 


In Year 1 we have learnt about Rosa Parks and how she stood up for her rights by refusing to give up her seat on the bus for a white person. We have also studied Samuel Coleridge- Taylor, who was a British composer that fought against racial prejudice through music. We made our on musical pieces with a variety of instruments. Also, we studied Kayne West, who used music to influence change. We decorated and made paper chains to show unity no matter our skin colour, race or faith. We celebrate all our similarities and differences. 


In Year 2 we have learnt about the achievements of Barack Obama. We learnt about the composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, composing our own African inspired music. Also, we made our own Igbo masks to celebrate Black History Month. 


In Year 3 we learnt about Stevie Wonder and explored his music. We were taught a traditional Ugandan dance and were shown traditional clothing by Mrs Muyuka. Also, we played a game called 'Dodgeball Jenga'. 


In Year 4 we have learnt all about the first African American women to visit space- Mae Jemison. We researched the Ga tribe and made jewellery using beads similar to their designs. We learnt a song 'Che Che Koolay' and played the drums to this tune. Finally, we learnt about Faith Ringgold and created our own story quilts inspired by her work. 


In Year 5 we have been learning about the Yoruba culture. We sang a greeting song in Yoruba and created some graffiti inspired art work. Also, we learnt about Madam CJ Walker. We researched a Yoruba Orisha and made masks representing the God/Goddess that we researched. Lastly, we learnt about Olaudah Equiano. 


In Year 6 we have created Akan tribe patterns. We made a timeline which represents different significant black heroes. We also learnt about William Chuffay and how he made a difference. In music, we have also been learning about Pharrell Williams and his songs.